FOUR Favourites: Vegan Skin and Hair Care Products

November is World Vegan Month so we have rounded up four of our favourite vegan beauty and wellbeing brands. From menopause supplements through to everyday essentials, you’ll find all these brilliant vegan skin and hair care products over at FOUR Life.

Meg’s Menopause

Founder Meg Mathews created Meg’s Menopause to help support women going through the menopause after her own experience of going through it without help or a thorough understanding. The range, which is both vegan and organic, includes the super-fine and refreshing Rosey Rain Facial Cooling Spray which is handbag must have and Meno Blend, a vitamin, mineral and superfood food supplement to make you feel stronger, healthier and happier!


We LOVE Nuddy! This simple and fun collection of traditional soap bars are not only 100% plastic and sls free, they’re also vegan and cruelty free! With nourishing shea butter, their Coconut Soap will replenish your skin’s moisture level and bring a little bit of sunshine to your  routine with its sweet coconut scent. We’re also big fans of the revitalizing and boosting Peppermint Soap on dark winter mornings. 

Clockface Beauty 

Based in Yorkshire, this vegan skincare brand uses 100% plant and nature-derived ingredients and is completely waterless. The result is pure, simple and effective skincare. Their Signature Collection Facial Cleansing Balm will delicately but effectively cleanse your skin, nourish and hydrate your skin and the additional Tamanu Oil acts as anti-inflammatory to heal and soothe. It’s a skincare routine essential, as is their Signature Collection Lip Balm. Made with shea butter, rosemary, myrrh and vitamin E, it will moisturise and heal chapped lips this winter. 

R + Co 

R +Co’s award winning hair products are entirely vegan and cruelty free. Their Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste is an absolute saviour on those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair – or just don’t want to! And because it’s a paste you can take it in your carry-on luggage too, if you’re planning an autumn mini break. Blessed with curly hair? Then the Twister Curler Primer definitely needs to become part of your hair care routine, say hello to defined, baby soft curls. 

Looking for more? Head to FOUR Life to find all our vegan skin and hair care products.