FOUR Favourites: Time Saving Products

Life, it gets pretty busy. Sometimes we’re in a hurry because the alarm “didn’t go off” (read: you hit snooze ten times) or that meeting ran over and now you’re rushing to get out to meet your friends. On days like these, look no further than our list of time saving products.

Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray – Color WOW

Need to wash your hair but you’re also running late? Then you need this miracle product from Color WOW that will cut your blow-dry time down by 30% – No more leaving the house with wet hair. The unique polymer ‘squeezes’ out excess water but holds in essential hydration whilst the keratin proteins and silk amino acids help to increase your hair’s elasticity, which prevents breakage too! 

Love Edellis Hand Mask 

What we love about this hand mask is that the gloves are made from a material that lets you use your phone whilst your hands are being intensively nourished by edelweiss, marine collagen and royal jelly. Saving you time while allowing you to text, swipe and scroll whilst your hands are being treated.

Cali Tiger 

No time to style your hair in the morning? No problem. Instantly add glamour to a ponytail or updo, or make your bedhead waves look effortlessly chic with a timeless Cali Tiger hair accessory. 

Huxley’s Sleep Mask Goodnight 

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep for our skin and this mask will supercharge your beauty sleep thanks to its potent blend of hyaluronic acid and certified organic Sahara prickly-pear cactus seed oil. If you’re late from a night out and don’t have time to complete your skincare routine, all you have to do is apply it before going to sleep and you’ll wake up to radiant, supple skin come the morning. 

To discover more of our favourite skin and hair care brands and time saving products head to FOUR Life.