Hair De-Tangler
Hair De-Tangler

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Brushing children’s hair is never easy, but with this gentle detangling spray that protects locks from damage and breakage, and smooths away snaggles, hair time has never been easier. Infused with Dandydill Way’s unique and hand-picked wild hawthorn berry extract, the 100% natural fragrance delicately scents locks, while taming unruly frizzy. Sulphate, SLES, SLS, PEG, ethyoxylate, MIT, silicone, paraben, alcohol, synthetic fragrance and colouring-free.


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Apply on clean, towel-dried hair. Spray lightly and liberally over the hair and gently brush or comb through the ends. On longer hair, start combing at the ends and gradually work up towards the root.
Suitable for ages 6 months +.