Gold Bar Tool
Gold Bar Tool

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Loved by celebrities, this 24k gold vibrating bar provides a vigorous, yet relaxing facial massage to encourage blood flow, lift cheekbones and tighten jawlines. Fantastic for reviving tired, puffy skin, the vibrations mimic the effect of a massage, instantly relaxing facial muscles and releasing tension. Using the latest Japanese technology, just three minutes a day can offer fantastic skin boosting results.


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Apply only a pea-sized amount of your favourite moisturiser and work the tool across cheekbones, starting at the jawline gently pushing the bar up and around the cheek. Continue for give minutes on each side then move to the jawline and chin. Gently push the bar in towards the neck and under the chin for five minutes. Along the neck, stretch your skin with your index finger and thumb and glide the bar up and down in a vertical motion.