Trending Now: It’s Organic Month

We are so pleased to be launching our Four Life shop during September’s Organic Month. With more and more of us switching to a more organic lifestyle – a recent market report by the Soil Association reveals the UK organic market is now worth a whopping £2.2billion, the highest it’s ever been- it’s time to get in the know.

Organic beauty has moved far and beyond from thick textures and farm-like smells. Innovative brands are to thank for their discoveries on non-toxic ingredients within the category, but it’s the demand from health conscious consumers that have sent figures rising.

So if natural is your thing, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve carefully sourced each brand and product to provide you with a supreme organic offering, with a side of education. Hopefully making buying a whole lot simpler.

Ready to de-code some of the truths, and unveil exactly what and why organic beauty is having a moment? Read on…

Natural VS Organic
Is natural and organic the same thing? To put it bluntly, no. “Surprisingly, not all natural skincare products are organic,” says Sarah Thomas, co-founder of Clockface Beauty. “The term itself refers to how an ingredient is farmed or produced”. So while ‘organic’ ingredients come with absolutely no pesticides, no chemical fertilisers, no antibiotics or growth hormones, ‘natural’ purely relates to it coming from natural sourced, without there being a nod to what chemicals or herbicides have been been used in its making.

Why Go Green?
“It has been proven that the chemicals used skincare travel into the body and the bloodstream, completely unfiltered by functions like the digestive system, and often come with worryingly long-term consequences,” says Thomas. And while ‘organic’ has often been side-lined for more high-tech, results driven products the tables have started to turn. Clever brands are putting in the research and discovering new ingredients that are proven to change our skin. A category game change: high tech naturals.

Incredible Ingredients
Take for example Naya Glow, the key ingredient in their Everyday Facial Oil, £45 is Cacay Oil – otherwise known as natures answer to Retinol. Sourced from the fruit found on Colombian trees, the oil is rich in vitamins A, E, F and omega 6, which together work to activate the skins natural renewal process, repairing, protecting and replenishing moisture levels. While chemists and formulators have found retinol to be aggressive to some skin types, Cacay Oil is made for all.

While I’m sure you can all remember the ban on micro beads changing the scrub space, Clockface Beauty have found a much kinder alternative (with additional benefits) with Himalayan Pink Salts. Found in their Clary Sage & Juniper Berry Face Scrub, £34, the salts work to draw out pollutants deep within the pores, while also acting as natural antiseptic, taming inflammation.

And then there’s Made For Life, the first UK brand to reach 100% organic certification across the entire line. Their miracle Tone and Firm Body Oil, £30 uses green tea to stimulate blood flow, helping to break down fatty tissue that causes cellulite, peppermint to soothe pain relief of sore, tired muscles and cinnamon to increase collagen levels.

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